Check the Release Notes for information on the updates.

The development project is hosted by Sourceforge


The program has been initially developed and tested under Linux. Due to the number of distributions, no package is provided but the program can be compiled from source code using qmake, make, make install, or with the help of QtCreator.

The source code can be checked out from the svn repository on the sourceforge page using the command

svn checkout f3ftime-code


Download f3fTime v0.04 for Windows 32bits.

The program can also be compiled from source code.


The application should be portable to MacOS with minimum effort, since the Qt libraries are available for this OS. It will require the adaptation of a library to manage the serial port operations.


The application is provided as a separate download until it reaches a stable state, at which point it will be made available on the goolgle PlayStore.

f3fTime v.01 - April 1st, 2013: f3fTime.apk

Until the app is available on the Play Store, you will need to authorize your Android device to install it. Go to the Settings/Security menu, and enable "Unknown Sources".

The development project is hosted by code google

The source codes for the Arduino:

Copy and upload the program for your configuration:

Wired signal option for PC and for Andoird host mode: wiredsignal_PC.ino
Wired signal option for Android accessory mode : wiredsignal_Android_acc.ino
Wireless signal option for PC: wirelesssignal.ino

Updated April 2013